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Life Coaching:

Stress and Fatigue – Time to give it up!

Do you feel over worked? Easily distracted? Are you uncertain about the path to take at this time in your life? Some people are lucky to have a great mentor or a supportive network available to help sort things out! However, if you don’t fit into either of the above categories  don’t fret! Fit Strong Mind is available to get you to your desired goal, a staff qualified and trained in life coaching.
Are you ready for a serious overhaul? We can assist you with cleaning up your act! Let us help you with life coaching techniques developed to help you meet your end goal!

Our Life Coaching sessions are customized to suit each individual client’s needs. With care, sensitivity and skilled coaching you’ll begin to see results that will empower you to go for your dreams. Whether your challenge is feeling stuck, negative relationships, managing your time, having a career or identifying your life purpose, FSM has your back!

Here’s how we will assist you:

  • Develop and maintain clarity to establish more balance
  • Strengthen your self-esteem
  • Provide guidance in taking necessary steps in getting the most out of life

   FSM will provide you with the most effective tools, steps and benchmarks to assist you with moving forward along your life path.

Fitness Boxing:

Fit Strong Mind offers fun fitness programs!

Get ready to build self-discipline and self-defense tactics.

All the exercises and training that boxers do, but you don’t have to spar and you don’t have to fear a knock out. Are you just trying to go up stairs without getting winded? Or are you training for a marathon? The training is the same for both, but customized for you!!
You can meet with a trainer alone or get a group of friends together to work out with. If you own a business, maybe you would like to treat your employees to some great health promoting fitness and nutritional counseling, just think, it could reduce sick days on your staff. Or maybe you have a child who needs to get up from the video games and put away the chips, you can enroll him or her into “Kids’ Camp”. The training doesn’t change, it’s just modified for you or your loved ones’ abilities, physical condition and goals.
We help you safely …

  • Develop lean muscle
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular
  • Build your muscular endurance
  • Enhance your core strength
  • Relieve stress
  • Build confidence
  • Establish momentum
  • Boost your energy
  • Create a Fit Strong Mind!!

Nutrition Counseling:

Nutrition and hydration go hand in hand with proper fitness training.

So, you want to be fit and have a strong mind and body, then you need to fuel up for maximum health. Part of all our programs is discussing nutrition. We have certified nutrition counselors to assist all who are interested in understanding what to eat to lose weight, to prevent disease, to live stronger and to age beautifully. No supplements or special foods to buy. Some topics that we cover are:

  • Losing fat and boosting metabolism
  • Nourishing and supporting your body
  • Food labels and making positive behavioral changes when choosing food
  • What happens to a typical dieter?
  • Are all calories created equal?
  • Change

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