Kids Fitness

Parents:  We offer a healthy way to get your kid fit now, with FSM Kids Fitness.

youth fitness training

Photo credit: Kid fitness push ups demonstrated by young teenager Nikos

Fit Strong Mind Kids Fitness program is a fun and safe way to get in shape. We know that exercise is an essential part of all growing kids’ development. We also know that there are many things keeping them from making positive healthy choices.  We are here to help teach them how to make better choices that will not only improve their lives during their “growing up” years, but have a positive impact on them when they are adults. Our program levels include: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

They will learn all the same things that our adult students learn. Life coaching, nutrition counseling and fitness boxing. The only difference is that it will all be tailored to their needs and abilities, keeping in mind that their bodies are changing and growing every day.

Our team of professional trainers are dedicated and ready to work with your kid today! Contact us today for more information on getting started.



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